Get in the loop to stay informed.

STEP ONE! The best place to start is with your local climate action group: sign up for their newsletter and/or follow them on social media. Local groups are excellent resources, informing you not only about important climate legislation and local policies that need support, but also about opportunities for climate action and readying your home for climate change.

  • Needham is starting the process of making a climate action plan for the town. Watch for new initiatives and opportunities. Sign up for Green Needham’s updates to keep abreast of these efforts and other news. Browse Green Needham’s volunteer opportunities if you’d like to get more involved.
  • Excellent sources of news in nearby communities are Sustainable Wellesley (get their newsletter) and Green Newton (join and receive their newsletter)  Local League of Women Voters chapters are also good sources of information.
  • State and national organizations Sierra Club Massachusetts (Anyone can sign up for a monthly newsletter) and Environment Massachusetts are good sources of information for state and national issues.

Influence public policy and legislation.

  • Ask candidates about their commitment to climate action.
  • Vote for people who make it priority to boldly address climate change, everyone from Town Meeting members, Select Board members, State and Federal legislators.
  • Advocate for climate action by writing or calling your elected officials about supporting important climate legislation. (That’s why it is so important to stay informed and find out what to support!) In general, calls and personal emails to elected officials are more effective than signing online petitions. Consult Find My Legislator for names and contact information for your state legislators.

Help get the issue out of hiding.

Talk about climate change with friends, relatives, and co-workers. And especially, talk about what you are doing to address climate change. Have you  improved your home insulation? Traded in your old car for an Electric Vehicle (EV)? Bought a ceiling fan to lower your AC use? Called your  State Senator?

Join with others.

Your  place of employment, house of worship, or community organization may have a green committee. Most communities have an environmental organization. Volunteers and participants are always welcome.


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