Jeans (11/2022)


Needham residents with an RTS sticker can take jeans to any of the clothing collection bins at the RTS. It’s ok if they are ripped or stained, as long as they are not wet, mildewed or contaminated with oil, paint, or hazardous materials.

See the “Clothing” section of the Recyclopedia to find other local drop-off opportunities for jeans.


Recycles cotton jeans into insulation. Accepts donations from individuals and collection drives. Individuals can drop off any brand of cotton jeans at Madewell (Legacy Place and other Boston area locations) and other stores listed on the Blue Jeans Go Green website. Discounts for new jeans are sometimes available. Click here to find store locations and discount details.

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Junk Mail (11/2022)


Needham residents with an RTS sticker may recycle junk mail in the paper bins in the Main Area.

TIP: It takes millions of trees to create all the junk mail produced in a year. To stop or reduce the amount of junk mail you receive, consult the Consumer Guide to Stopping Junk Mail.

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