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Are you a small business owner in Needham?  Do you want to lower your utility bills?  AECOM has been selected by Eversource to provide Energy Efficiency services for small commercial owners and non-profits in Needham.  And the best part is that the program will cover up to 95%* of the cost of the project, which includes the materials and labor for the installation of the energy saving equipment.  And while the energy assessment is no-cost, the program is funded by the “Conservation” charge on the Eversource bills of all Business customers, so don’t miss out – take advantage of this cost-saving program. The following are examples of the type of improvements covered by this program:

  • Installation of LED light bulbs and/or lighting fixtures
  • Lighting Controls
  • HVAC System Upgrades
  • Programmable Wifi Thermostats
  • New Motors and Drives
  • Insulation and Air Sealing
  • High Efficiency Water Heaters
  • Refrigeration Controls
  • Shower Heads and Aerators
  • New Steam Traps

Here’s how the Program works:

  1. Contact AECOM to schedule an audit by one of the following:
  2. AECOM will schedule an appointment to inspect your building and determine what improvements can be made to reduce your utility bills.
  3. On the day of the audit, AECOM will inspect your building and collect all the relevant information needed to determine what changes are recommended for your building. Time varies depending on size and possible upgrades. If you prefer, the audit can be virtual.
  4. After the audit, the AECOM will prepare a proposal which describes the changes they propose to make, the costs for the work, and the annual savings it will generate. If you need to pay for some of this work, Eversource will identify your costs.
  5. You then decide whether you want to proceed with some or all of the work. If, for some reason, you decide NOT to proceed with any work, you are under no obligation to AECOM or Eversource for the work performed up to that point.
  6. If you choose to do some or all of the work, you specify that on the proposal, sign it, and return it for processing.
  7. AECOM will contact you to schedule the work at your convenience. Depending on the nature of the work to be done, it could take anywhere from 1-10 days to complete.
  8. Once the work is complete, the Needham building inspector will visit the site to check the work and sign off on the building permit. If he finds things that need to be modified, he will contact the contractor directly.
  9. Generally, the process from the initial inquiry to the conclusion of construction takes 3-6 months, depending on the nature of the work and the backlog with the contractors.

Remember……the 95% reimbursement rate is subject to change by Eversource at anytime, so contact AECOM today!

You can get more information about this program by visiting the MassSave website.

* reimbursement rate can even be higher, up to 100%, based on the specifics of the energy-savings of the project.


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