• In this blog post, we discuss the Solarize Mass Plus Needham Program and the savings that it brings.

Boston Solar is the exclusive solar installer for the Solarize Mass Plus Needham Program!

Why should you install solar on your Needham home?

Needham residents can save up to 100% of their utility bill (excluding the utilities standard service charge), depending on monthly energy usage and amount spent. Electricity prices typically fluctuate seasonally and have increased on average by 3% nationally over the last 10 years. By owning a solar system, you produce your own power and are less exposed to the volatility and future electricity cost increases.

What’s more, Solar is a renewable energy technology and helps the environment and helps you “go green.”

Available solar incentives:

In late 2017, the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (MA DOER) developed Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) to double its solar capacity to over three gigawatts (GW). SMART has replaced the previous solar incentive program in Massachusetts, Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs). SMART provides a monthly payment to homeowners for the energy you produce. You also qualify for a federal tax credit and will receive up to $1,000 state tax credit.

For more on residential ownership and finance options, click here. To learn more, read our latest blog about the SMART program.

Is solar financing available?

Boston Solar offers a variety of solar financing options. Not interested in owning your own system? No worries – we also offer a solar lease through SunPower. A Solar Consultant will explain our options and customize a solution that has you cash flow positive in the first year. To learn more about residential financing options, click here.

How long will it take to install my system?

For residential customers, the solar panel installation is typically a one or two day process. From the moment you sign a contract, it typically takes between 90 to 120 days to install the system and get it turned on. View our average installation timeline by clicking here.

Unsure if solar is for you? Check out what some of our customers have to say about Boston Solar and their savings:



What kind of maintenance do solar panels require?

Our solar systems are warrantied to last 25 years and are virtually maintenance-free, with the exception of the inverters, which typically last 12-15 years. However, our residential systems come with an automatic inverter warranty extension from 12 to 25 years. Click here to learn more about the products for residential solar systems. To learn more read our blog post about solar panels productivity and maintenance.

Is there a warranty on my solar system?

Boston Solar offers the strongest warranty package in Massachusetts at no additional cost to the customer. Solar panel warranties are 25 years, we extend the warranty for inverter(s) to 25-years and also include a 10-year workmanship guarantee.

Boston Solar now offers a Production Guarantee on your residential solar system. Now, when you install a residential solar PV system with Boston Solar, your solar investment will be backed by our Production Guarantee. Our Production Guarantee offers assured energy production of at least 90% over the first ten years that your system runs — or we’ll pay the difference. Our Production Guarantee covers energy production for the first ten years of your system’s lifespan and is assessed every two years. To learn more read our most recent blog about our new 10-year Production Guarantee.

Boston Solar is dedicated to helping customers save money while improving the environment and supporting our local community. Every member of our team is focused on delivering the best

experience for every customer. Are you ready to join your neighbors as they take part in the national drive toward energy independence? Learn more about why Boston Solar is the best choice for your home or business here.

Click here to schedule your free solar consultation or call us at 617-858-1645.


What your Needham neighbors are saying about Boston Solar…


Dave Volante: Five Star Review  – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Simple, smooth, and easy. From design to installation to support after the panels were up and running I have no complaints at all.”

Asher Schachter: Five Star Review  – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“We spoke with several solar panel providers prior to choosing Boston Solar. While the others also seemed very good, we chose Boston Solar because their rep, Tom Chabot, explained the process more clearly than the others, and because the overall package seemed right for us. The subsequent process and interactions were equally excellent. This is a professional, courteous, and responsive organization with many years of experience in providing solar panel service. Our panels were activated 10 months ago, and any time I had a question, I received a polite and informed response usually within the same day or at most within 24 hours. Highly recommended.”

Davide Cis: Five Star Review  – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Everything about Boston Solar is spectacular. I have very high standards when it comes to customer satisfaction and Boston Solar, together with Sungage, were amazing. The initial visit was scheduled in no time, and the visit was courteous and informative. I got visits and quotes from another two companies (one local and one national) and Boston Solar quote was the most convincing. They installed the better quality panels and with the production power that better fit my roof and production needs. Boston Solar customer service was also stellar. Mali was on top of every step of the process and kept me informed with timely and friendly emails. Boston Solar is the only solar company I recommend.”

Andrew Caulfield: Five Star Review  – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Experienced and knowledgeable. My system- 39 panel residential system installed fall 2017. Everyone at Boston Solar from the office to the installation staff made for a great solar experience. They explained all options for system design and financing as well as MA state solar incentives. Total communications throughout the process, always on schedule. Very easy to recommend them highly, a great experience.”

Boston Solar-39 panel residential installation, Needham MA
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Our Partner – Boston Solar

Boston Solar is the #1 residential solar contractor based in Massachusetts, with more than 4,000 installations in 8 years. We are proud to power Massachusetts, a state that continues to lead the nation in solar installations. We provide superior products, exceptional customer service, and the highest quality workmanship. Now we also offer a Production Guarantee on your residential solar system.​ Our Production Guarantee offers assured energy production over the first ten years that your system runs — or we’ll pay the difference. ​​​​​​We offer residential and commercial installations across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Boston Solar is dedicated to helping customers save money while improving the environment and supporting our local community.  Every member of our team is focused on delivering the best experience for every customer.  Are you ready to join your Needham neighbors as they take part in the national drive toward energy independence? Learn more about why Boston Solar is the best choice for your home or business.

Read our latest blog on the Solarize Mass Plus Needham Blog and the savings it brings!

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