If you’re an active Facebook user, you know how valuable effective Facebook communications can be for connecting people and causes they care about. Needham’s strong community identity has naturally led to a thriving online Needham community. Green Needham is built on collaboration and taking action together to build a more sustainable and economically healthy community for all. Building a stronger Green Needham presence in Needham’s Facebook community is an important part of our work.

Information from Green Needham’s web site is already automatically posted to our Facebook page and our Twitter feed. As our Facebook Champion, you’ll help that information reach a bigger audience and get more friends and neighbors engaged in building a more sustainable Needham. You’ll also suggest and can help implement ideas to expand our social media presence and engage people to take action.

The Facebook Champion role can be scaled to your availability and interests. We anticipate that an active Facebook user can begin by incorporating it into their existing social activity, and build from there.

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Facebook Champion

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