Green Needham’s Home Energy Efficiency Improvement project is aimed at making it much easier for Needham residents to identify and implement high-value home energy efficiency improvements. We are targeting the key barriers preventing people from taking advantage of opportunities that would reduce their energy use, save money and increase their comfort and the value of their homes.

Our Home Energy Efficiency Improvement seminars are 1 1/2 hour sessions featuring local experts.  The seminar covers:

  • Home energy audits and what they tell you
  • Simple steps you can take yourself
  • Insulation & air sealing – deciding what you need
  • Home heating & cooling – when to replace older systems
  • Incentives – taking advantage of energy efficiency improvement rebates and tax credits
  • Financing – selecting among options

This month, we’re doing the seminar in two parts, on March3rd and March 10th, for the Stephen Palmer Senior Center’s Lunch and Learn series.  Later in March, we’ll be at Olin College’s Lunch Bytes program for its faculty & staff.

We’d like to schedule one for your community group or organization. If your house of worship, business, club or organization would like to offer this seminar, we’ll bring it to you.  It’s easy to do:

  • We pick a date with you
  • You provide the location for the seminar
  • You publicize the seminar to your organization.  If you’d like to make it available to a wider audience (which we encourage if you have room), we’ll publicize it as well.
  • We bring the team and do the seminar.
  • We can work with you to follow up with people who attend – and reach out to others who couldn’t.

If you’d like to host a seminar, or want more information, contact Bill Okerman.  If you’re interested in working with us on this project, see the project page on our wiki and contact Bill Okerman or Michael Greis.

Home Energy Efficiency Improvement Seminars