Don’t miss the short window to get stimulus-funded $50 – $250 rebates on appliances this April. As reported in our March 11th post, these rebates will only be available from April 22nd – May 5th. Here are the details:

Eligible appliances and rebates (click on the appliance type to see the list of eligible models):

You are permitted to get one rebate in each category. Additionally, refrigerators and freezers qualify for an additional $50 Energy Star rebate through NStar – use this rebate form for the NStar rebate.

To get the rebates, you must:

  • Get a reservation number – starting on April 22nd online at the Great Appliance Exchange web siteor by calling 1‐877‐MA SWAP
  • Purchase the appliances at qualifying retailer – nearby retailers include Home Depot, Best Buy, Lowe’s and Sears, along with Poirier Appliance in Newton and Jarvis Appliance in Wellesley. The list will be updated and can be found here.
  • You will be required to turn in the appliance being replaced
  • Fill in and submit the rebate form

Information for the program is also available at the Great Appliance Exchange web site.

Massachusetts appliance rebates – details and availability