Over the past few decades, our increasing dependence on automobiles correlates exactly to the rise in carbon emissions and national obesity rates. Part of the solution to these and other challenges is right under our noses – and ankles.

NIM LogoNeedham in Motion is a town-wide campaign to encourage people, when possible, to go car-free for local trips. We recognize that this is often not possible, but seek to raise awareness of the choice we sometimes have.

More than half of the town’s population lives within one walkable mile from the town’s primary destinations, and more than three quarters of the town lives within two bikable miles. And yet the percentage of these short trips that we drive is estimated to be over 95%! For more on the walkable and bikable addresses in Needham, visit the article entitled 1 and 2 Mile Solutions for Needham on the Needham in Motion web site (www.needhaminmotion.com).

Green Needham is one of the sponsors of Needham in Motion, along with several groups in town. The near-term objective is to offer a series of activities and events in May that encourage walking, hiking and biking. The ever-growing list of events is available on the Needham in Motion website.

In addition, Needham in Motion will offer a custom web-based application for logging carbon-free miles. This is designed to enable groups to track their collective impact, as well as track the aggregate miles saved by the entire town.

To learn more about Needham in Motion, visit the web site, and the backgrounder called Introducing Needham in Motion. If your group is interested in participating, please contact Tad Staley.

May is Needham in Motion Month

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