Needham took a big step closer to becoming a Massachusetts Green Community when Green Needham Collaborative Chair Michael Greis met with the Selectmen on November 23rd.

Over the last year and a half, Green Needham has been working with town officials, boards, staff, the Selectmen and the Town Manager, engaging in a dialogue about the benefits of becoming a Green Community and the requirements for Needham to participate. Critical to these discussions has been how well-aligned the Green Communities goals are to the Selectmen’s adopted goals and how much we are already doing toward qualifying for Green Community status.


Michael’s presentation covered:

  • The benefits of becoming a Green Community
  • Green Community Requirements
  • Where we stand
  • Meeting the remaining requirements

“Where we stand” outlined the general consensus on most of the requirements and our ability to meet them.

The balance of the presentation on “Meeting the remaining requirements” then focused on questions concerning the adoption of the energy stretch code.

The presentation concludes with a timeline for adoption and a request that the Selectmen move forward so that Needham can qualify as a Green Community following the May, 2011 Annual Town Meeting.

You can view all or part of the presentation in the accompanying video window. Additionally, the presentation slides are available separately as an online slideshow.

Following the presentation, the Selectmen asked questions, gave their thoughts on becoming a Green Community, then discussed the process and next steps. You can see (and comment on) those discussions through this posting on the blog.

The Selectmen concluded by accepting the Town Manager’s recommendation to appoint a working group to review questions on the adoption of the stretch code. The Committee is expected to report back in time to allow the Selectmen to meet the timeline for becoming a Green Community this coming spring.

How can you help?

Would you like to help Needham become a Green Community? You can:

  • Send a note to the Selectmen telling them you support Green Needham becoming a Green Community.
    • The above e-mail goes to all the Selectmen and the Town Manager. You may also contact individual Selectmen if you know them and feel comfortable doing so.
  • help reach out to others in the community as part of a Green Needham team. Contact Michael Greis if you would like to help.
  • Offer to serve on the working group looking at the energy code, especially if you have relevant experience (builder, architect, real estate). Send an e-mail expressing your interest, but remember that only a small number will be able to serve.
  • Post a comment below indicating your support.
A big step closer to becoming a Green Community

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