[Guest blog post by Amy Winslow)

Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve, we generate 25 percent more landfill waste than during the rest of the year, and buy enough greeting cards to fill a football stadium 10 stories high!*

  1. When doing your gift-wrapping this season, consider how you package things – try buying reusable gift bags (www.janezbagz.com – local vendor) rather than wrapping each gift (it’s easier and better for the environment).  Then, save the bags you get for use next year.  Or, for a fun twist on wrapping, hide the gift and give a scavenger-hunt like clue instead.  This provides fun in both the looking and the finding!  If you do buy wrapping paper, look for the kind that has recycled content – the more post-consumer the better.
  2. Another way to support the environment this season is to “vote with your feet” by considering a product’s packaging when buying holiday items.  If you have a choice, opt for the product in the smaller (less flashy) packaging.  Doing so will put more green in your holiday, and will help to send a message to producers who over-package their goods.  You might also check out Amazon’s green programs – they have a program to promote frustration-free packaging, and also page dedicate to green products.
  3. Cards: Purchase cards made from recycled paper, or cut the picture side off of old cards and send them as postcards. Better yet, skip paper altogether and wish a happy holiday to loved ones via the Internet (“e-cards”), telephone, or in person.

* http://www.ucsusa.org/publications/greentips/2003/tips-for-a-merry.html

For a Greener Holiday Season: Think Paper and Packaging!

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