Over the last several years, Green Needham has received suggestions that recycling containers should be available in public areas like downtown, the Heights business district and at playing fields. Until this past year, Needham didn’t have any way to service recycling containers. That changed with the beginning of the single stream recycling program for Needham public buildings and the acquisition of a “packer” truck to make pickups from those facilities.

In the Spring of 2011, when representatives from several houses of worship expressed interest in the idea of recycling containers in public areas around Town, we had an opportunity to move forward. Bringing together this group with representatives from the DPW, the Town’s Economic Development coordinator, the Downtown Beautification Committee and others, a plan has been developed to set up a pilot program which can, if successful, be expanded.

If you are interested in helping with this initiative, please contact Michael Bailit, who is chairing the interfaith group coordinating this project.

Downtown Recycling Initiative