Green Needham’s September newsletter featured our two priority initiatives for 2012-13:

  • Solar PV at the RTS – getting solar PV installed at the RTS to provide renewable energy and cost savings for the town
  • Home Energy Savings – building on our success in the NStar Community Challenge to help more homeowners save energy and money

These are exciting, achievable initiatives that will help make Needham a more sustainable community, saving energy and money, improving our health and environment and increasing our contribution to increasing energy independence and reducing the impacts of climate change.

They are achievable because we’re building on work we’ve already been doing. In the case of Home Energy Savings, the Community Energy Challenge has been very visible this past year. The work on solar at the RTS has been less visible, but equally important – background research, capability building and informal outreach.

Learn more about both and get involved! Use the links above or these easy-to-remember shortcuts:

Solar PV at the RTS and Home Energy Savings – Green Needham’s 2012-13 Initiatives
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