Big decisions on complex projects are invariably reduced to soundbites by advocates and opponents. We know from experience that soundbite-driven decisions are often bad ones. It’s human and very understandable to throw up your hands in the face of complexity and fall back on whichever of the soundbites resonates more naturally.

The upcoming decision on approval or rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline is one of those decisions. If you’re heard about Keystone XL, but haven’t really had a chance to learn about it, you’re probably experiencing that feeling of soundbite whiplash.

Our friends at MCAN (Massachusetts Climate Action Network) have put together a thoughtful and readable post on Keystone XL. It is not about the climate implications of Keystone that are the basis of MCAN’s (any many people’s) opposition to Keystone. Instead the article takes on the arguments being made in favor of the pipeline – jobs and cheap oil. It’s all done in clear terms, with references you can research further.

It’s well worth reading. Check it out here.

The Keystone XL Pipeline
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