We need your help collecting signatures to put the updated bottle deposit question on the ballot in November 2014. The 68,911 required Massachusetts registered voter signatures must be obtained by late November. The updated Bottle Bill will require deposits on water, sports drinks, flavored teas, juices, and other on-the-go beverages which were not included in the original bottle bill.  The Massachusetts Coalition to Update the Bottle Bill points out that an estimated 1.3 billion of these “new age” beverages are consumed each year in our State, and too many of these are not getting recycled.

The updated bottle bill has been “bottled up” by leaders in the legislature for nearly 15 years. Despite strong support within the legislature itself (including Needham’s representatives), nd the endorsement of over 200 cities and towns in Massachusetts, it has never been allowed to come up for a vote in both houses.

The Needham League of Women Voters will be looking for volunteers to help reach a goal of 1,000 signatures from people you know, so be alert for more information in the near future.  In the mean time, when you see someone collecting signatures, perhaps at the RTS or the Needham Farmer’s Market, please sign up!

The updated bill would also re-establish the Clean Environment Fund, directing the state to spend any unclaimed deposits to improve recycling, help clean up our parks, and fund other environmental improvement projects.

Read more and find out how to help.

It’s Been 30 Years – Let’s Update the Bottle Bill

One thought on “It’s Been 30 Years – Let’s Update the Bottle Bill

  • September 5, 2013 at 10:10 am

    This article provides a thorough and well-documented point-by-point rebuttal to anti-bottle bill claims. It’s well worth reading. The claims rebutted are made by Rep. Keenan of Salem, whom I respect and highly value for his outstanding leadership on energy issues in the legislature. He’s just wrong on the bottle bill, though, and I wish he would reconsider.

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