We are excited to begin the 7th year of “Green Kids” at the Eliot and Newman Schools this month!  The kids are already busy recycling and are looking forward to this year’s projects, including the annual creation of a “No Idling, Please” sign and the collection of worn out sneakers for Nike’s Reuse-a-Shoe program, where Sneakers will be ground up and turned into playground surfaces in the U.S. and around the world.  Each year we work within a theme to introduce new projects and new opportunities to learn, and to promote eco-awareness. This year’s theme is “Eating Green.”  As usual, the theme is broad; it allows us to involve our gardens, the Needham Community Farm, our lunchrooms and the way we all look at food at school and at home. The highlight of the year is April’s Earth Week, where students will participate in decorating the school, creating projects for the Recycled Art Show, eating “green” lunches, performing at the Earth Day assembly and more.

Source:  Lisa Gordon


Green Kids at Newman & Eliot Schools Adopt “Eating Green” Theme for New School Year
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