Solarize Needham has reached Tier 5 pricing!  On April 30th, halfway through the program, the number of signed homeowner contracts for new solar installs met the threshold for Tier 5 pricing.  This means that all future contracts for Solar PV installations, as well as all previously signed contracts, will receive the lowest pricing level (rebates will be sent to those homeowners who have already paid).  Through the Solarize Needham initiative, some Needham homeowners are now going to get 100% of their electricity from solar energy, with their systems paying for themselves in as little as 4.5 years.
There is still time for homeowners to take advantage of this terrific savings opportunity – the program deadline is June 30th.  Check out the Solarize Needham website for more information:    And check out an upcoming Solarize Needham event, a “Solar Install party”:
Solarize Needham Achieves the Lowest (Tier 5) Pricing

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