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It may not seem like a big deal, but single-use bags have a significant, negative impact on the environment.  Check out these stats on what American households use every year:

  • 100 billion plastic bags /year
  • 10 billion paper bags, created by 14 million trees

Sources (Wall Street Journal  6/26/17; New York Times, 12/3/07 “A Bag Problem Blossoms” )

Plastic bags are made from a non-renewable resource – oil – and only a small percentage get recycled.  Many end up in waterways, where they clog drains, pollute, and harm wildlife.  Paper bags are made from a renewable resource – trees – and can be recycled, but it takes a lot of water and energy (and trees!) to make them.  And single-use bags are unnecessary if everyone brings their own bags.  Reusable bags are available at local grocery stores, but for most of us, there’s no need to buy more bags. We already have them — and since they have their own carbon footprint, it’s important is they be used as many times as possible.  Make it a habit after shopping to put your reusable bags back in your vehicle.  Then you will have them for your next shopping trip!

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Check out information about our GO GREEN Needham campaign and about ways that you can participate  – get started with your plan to “GO GREEN”!

Green Tips: Bring Your Own Shopping Bags
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