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When food waste breaks down in landfill it produces deadly methane, one of the most toxic of all greenhouse gases. CERO Cooperative, Boston’s only Women and Minority Business Enterprise commercial compost services company, diverts more than 50 tons of compostable waste every week from 55 business and institutional customers. That’s 100,000 pounds every week of material that is no longer being burned in toxic incinerators or buried in landfills. 

For its accomplishments, CERO has just been named 2018 Sustainable Small Business of the Year by the MA Sustainable Business Network.

Cero is proud to be growing a business that provides good, green jobs and worker-ownership in our communities, while creating a sustainable infrastructure for managing and achieving highest use potential for our region’s organic waste. Cero partners for composting with Needham businesses and institutions, including Sudbury Farms, Roche Bros., Olin College of Engineering, North Hill, and Babson College.  Cero is proud to partner with the Town of Needham, where CERO-collected food waste is composted into high quality soil mix at the Needham Recycling Facility, ready to be re-earthed and replenish farms and gardens. 

For businesses interested in composting, here’s how a switch to Cero Works:

Assessment: A friendly CERO compost expert stops by your establishment, and in 15 minutes or less, determines or confirms the volume of food waste you produce. For the average restaurant and supermarket in Massachusetts, this represents 65% of what is thrown in the trash.

Set Up: CERO drops off your sparkling clean, industrial-grade compost carts, which feature tight-fitting lids and rugged wheels for easy mobility. Bring them into the kitchen or storeroom during use, or dump food scraps from smaller containers throughout the day. You get clean carts after every pickup, so forget about smells and pests.     

Reduce and Save: Without all that food waste, your trash dumpster is looking surprisingly empty, and it never smells. Time to call up the landfillers and reduce your trash pickups. Most of Cero’s clients cut pickups in half, saving them thousands of dollars every year.

Relax: Fill your carts with food waste, and count on CERO to take care of everything else. Rest easy knowing all of your food waste is returned to the soil where it belongs, and you are supporting good green jobs for Boston’s finest workers. ​Think your employees might need some training to get going properly? Cero provides comprehensive training for staff and management, absolutely free. 

Want to learn how Cero can help your company dramatically reduce its organic waste output? Visit us at the GO GREEN Needham Expo.


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Cero Helps Businesses Reduce Food Waste

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