Solarize Plus Needham is not  just about solar – it also includes Drive Green, a program to help consumers get a great deal on an electric vehicle (EV).  Below are testimonials from three satisfied Drive Green Customers.

As part of Solarize Plus Needham, Green Needham has partnered with the non-profit Green Energy Consumers Alliance to make it easier for you to go electric as you’re going solar. With Green Energy Consumers’ Drive Green program, making the switch to an electric vehicle has never been easier. The Drive Green program lets you compare electric vehicles, check out discounts from local dealerships, and sign up for a test drive at any of their participating dealerships. Because Drive Green’s discounts have all been pre-negotiated for you, you can skip all the hassle of buying a car, as the price you see will be the price you get. Just take a look at what some of the happy Drive Green participants have to say about the program!

“The Drive Green site was a great resource for EV shopping.  The Kia Soul EV hadn’t been on my list, but the combination of tax incentives, manufacturer rebates and the Drive Green discount was impossible to refuse. As a member of the Drive Green program, the dealer was well trained on the car – not always a given when shopping for EVs – and since the price was already arranged, the visit to the dealer was quick and easy. We love our new Kia Soul EV and will definitely be checking out Drive Green next time we need a new vehicle!” –Mark, Kia Soul EV

 “I can say without qualification that the Drive Green program did three wonderful things for me: it changed the type of car that I considered buying; by prenegotiating the discount with the dealer, it made it possible for me to buy a “better” (and greener) car than I otherwise would have; and most amazingly, it took all of the torture out of car shopping. I was able to walk into the dealer and skip all of the hassle and haggle. I can’t imagine car shopping in any other way now.”—Arne A., Chevrolet Volt

The process was wicked simple – the internet sales guy matched the Drive Green price exactly. I only had one color choice, but that was no big deal. It really was simple, fair, and a great deal. The easiest price negotiation I’ve ever had – as in none!”—Joan, Toyota Prius Prime

“After finding Drive Green I was shocked at how easy it was to view and compare cars as well as see what dealerships were offering.  The incentives are amazing and the entire experience was seamless.  The rebate process was a breeze and the associates that work for Green Energy Consumers are knowledgeable and genuinely happy to help consumers save money and promote our transition to a clean energy future.” –Kate, Chevrolet Volt

Head over to to start comparing vehicles and make the switch to electric!

Author:  Rhys Webb, Green Energy Consumers Alliance

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