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The Solarize program had already helped over 100 homeowners in Needham save thousands by switching to solar back in 2014, a number that has more than quadrupled since. Great news, right? Well, it gets better — if you have been thinking of going solar, installing an air source heat pump, or buying an electric vehicle, the Solarize Mass Plus program is underway in Needham.

What is the Solarize Mass Plus Program?

The Solarize Mass Plus program is aimed at making it easier and more affordable for Massachusetts homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs. This is done by evaluating your home’s energy needs and energy-saving potential, then pairing you with vetted solar photovoltaic installers (Boston Solar), HVAC installation partners (N.E.T.R. Inc.), and organizations to help transition to electric cars (Green Energy Consumers Alliance) armed with discounted prices and valuable rebates.

The rebates and savings apply to three different carbon-footprint-reducing upgrades:

  1. Solar PV (photovoltaic) panel systems

  2. Air source heat pumps

  3. Electric vehicles (EVs)

Now, you’re probably wondering — what kind of savings are we talking about?

How Can You Save With Solarize Mass?

To begin your process of going green, all you need to do is fill out this form before Spring 2020 to pair you with a solar coach who can find the most effective solutions for your particular energy goals. Then, once you have decided on the services that best fit into your plan, you will be paired with a vetted, preferred contractor (or contractors). Lastly, all customers have till April 30, 2020 to sign their contracts for their energy upgrades. The vetting is an important step in the process — and here’s why.

Vetted Contractors: Solarize Mass’s Biggest Asset

Here at Boston Solar, we have worked with a lot of incentive and awareness programs like Solarize Mass. The thing that makes this program different is the thorough and practical vetting process. Any contractor vetted through the Solarize Mass program not only has to verify their technical knowledge and proficiency — but they also have to be transparent about their pricing!

As the vetted and preferred solar PV installer for Solarize Mass Plus Needham, Boston Solar has proven that our installation costs are primed for value and energy savings. By utilizing the Solarize Mass Plus Program, you get access to the best solar PV installation and other green technology available, all at special pricing exclusive to the Solarize program.

The cost of solar PV panels through the Solarize Mass Program is 21% less than the statewide average.

Bonus: Piling on the Solar Incentives

What’s more, you can further reduce your solar PV installation costs by taking advantage of the existing solar incentives here in Massachusetts. This includes:

  • Federal Solar Tax Credit (you can read more on this tax credit here),

  • One-time Massachusetts State Tax Credit of $1,000, and

  • Ten years’ worth of income your solar panels can generate for you through the SMART program.

Going Electric in Massachusetts is a PLUS!

Solar power can do wonders in reducing your energy bill — but when you combine solar energy with energy-efficient electric cooling and heating systems like an air source heat pump (also known as ductless systems), it can greatly reduce your carbon footprint, greenhouse gas emissions and reduce your energy demand.

Supplementing Needham’s Oil Furnaces with Solar + Heat Pumps

There are still a large number of oil-based furnaces heating the homes of our friends, family, and neighbors in Needham. Your Solarize Needham coach can help you pair your solar installation with an integrated control system that will allow you to utilize your new air source heat pump alongside your oil furnace. Depending on the outside temperature and your home’s heating needs, an integrated control system automatically chooses the most efficient way to heat your home.

For example, let’s say it’s fall (like right now) and the outside temperatures are still above freezing. Your air source heat pump will keep you nice and cozy, while using a fraction of the energy. But once the temperatures drop below 25ºF, your new heat pump may not be able to keep up with the demand. This is when your integrated control system will choose to run your oil heating. This not only saves you on electricity costs, but oil costs as well! There are also big Mass Save rebates for integrated control along with the savings from the Solarize Mass Plus program!

Solarize Plus Needham BONUS: Buying EVs just got EZ

Electric vehicles (EVs) are an effective way to reduce your fossil fuel consumption and carbon footprint, and charging your EV with your home’s solar energy is a potent pairing when it comes to going green. However, buying an electric car can be confusing and intimidating. The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) is piloting the Drive Green program here in Needham, through Green Energy Consumers Alliance — who have put together a resource for those interested in purchasing an EV.

This Drive Green online portal shows you all of the EVs available in your area, which dealerships have them in stock, and how much you can save with rebates and exclusive discounts. It takes all the haggling out of car shopping! You can know how much your EV is going to cost, and where to go to get the best deals.

Looking to Learn More Info? Come To A Solarize Event in Needham

If you want to learn more about why now is the time to go green here in Needham, you can speak with one of our Solar Ambassadors about Solarize Plus Needham at any of the upcoming events or call Boston Solar directly. We’re here to get all of your questions answered, so you can start your journey to a greener future for your Needham home!


As the approved Solarize Mass Plus Needham solar installer, call Boston Solar at 617-858-1645 to learn how you can get special, limited time discounts on your solar installation.

Solarize Mass Plus Program Offers Big Savings for Needham Homeowners

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