Thinking about solar panels for your roof?  Read what your Needham neighbors are saying about their solar panels:

Dan Callahan
Address:  24 Robinwood Ave. Needham
I love my solar panels!  I’m doing my part for the environment and it’s actually a great financial investment!




Stephen Frail
Address: 29 Powers St. Needham
Increased the resale value of my home, lowered my electric bill, reduced my dependency on fossil fuels, and is helping me achieve my goal of going carbon neutral.




Laura Segel
Address:  263 Warren St. Needham
We haven’t paid an electric bill in almost FIVE years!       





Bill Sloane
Address:  67 Ridgeway Ave. Needham
I’m doing my part to keep oil in the ground by generating electricity to meet my needs.

Thinking About Solar Panels for your Roof? Here’s Some Neighborly Advice.
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One thought on “Thinking About Solar Panels for your Roof? Here’s Some Neighborly Advice.

  • February 28, 2020 at 9:36 am

    Another comment for solarize Needham:

    We bought in 2014. Every year we’ve beaten the estimates the company gave us for the amount of electricity we’d generate. One year we were over by 8%! We recouped all of our costs by the end of last summer. I watch the monitoring and don’t see a change in performance since we purchased them. If they continue to work as promised, we’ll have free electricity for the next 25 years. I know the rebate incentives have changed but it has been an excellent investment for us.

    32 Mellen Street

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