Updated 4/2/20 to include additional changes announced today.

Waste disposal is an essential service that continues during the current COVID-19 response. The RTS remains open for residents and commercial waste haulers, with some some modifications to services. Please note these changes as of March 23rd, 2020.

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  • Residents may continue to drop off household waste, recycling and yard waste during normal hours.
  • Residents are encouraged to visit the RTS during non-peak hours and on days other than Saturday. Saturdays continue to be very busy, making social distancing a challenge. If you can deliver your waste on other days, that would be appreciated. (4/2/20)
  • The Swap Shop is currently closed
  • The Goodwill trailer is currently closed
  • Scrap metal, tires, refrigerators, air conditioners, propane tanks, and computer and TVs may not be dropped off for recycling until further notice
  • The bottle and can shed recycling program is suspended. Bottles and cans may be recycled in the commingle containers for the time being or may be kept at home until the shed is re-opened
  • Bulky waste will no longer be accepted until resumption of normal business. Bulky waste are objects too big to fit in the yellow Pay As You Throw bags (items cleaned out from basements and garages for example) As of 4/4/20
  • Used napkins, paper towels, tissues, wipes and similar items are not recyclable. They must go in the trash.

Please do not bring and leave behind any items for the closed services. This will ensure that the RTS can continue to safely provide essential services for all of us.

Changes to access as of 4/4/20

  • The number of vehicles that may enter the RTS at any one time will be limited. No more than 18 vehicles will be allowed in the trash/recycling area at once. No more than 6 vehicles will be allowed in the yard waste area at once.
  • There will be two lanes of traffic to enter the RTS – one lane to the left will be for vehicles going straight to yard waste. The right lane will be for residents disposing of trash and recyclables.
  • Contractors will not be allowed to utilize the RTS on Saturdays until the resumption of normal business.

Do check the RTS web site for the latest updates and any further changes to RTS services or hours of operation.

Waste Disposal and Recycling during the COVID-19 response

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