Why is is that the hardest questions to answer about climate change can be the most basic ones, like:

  • How do we know climate change is real and caused by humans?
  • What is the scientific consensus?
  • What are the dangers?
  • Is there hope?

It isn’t just that there is so much information. It’s also the challenge meeting your audience where they are. “Climate Change and You” is a presentation that does just that. It is an engaging and compelling program that uses visual data, charts and photographs to provide an accessible overview of climate science and a clear-eyed assessment of the risks ahead. It focuses on the interplay of science, economics and policy (including the benefits of moving to a low-carbon economy), rather than depicting climate change as an environmental or political issue.

C-Change Conversations, a New Jersey-based nonprofit organization, developed the 50-minute presentation in consultation with independent climate scientists and public policy specialists and has presented it to more than 7,500 people nationwide.

Join Green Needham and the Friends of the Needham Public Library at 2:00 pm on Sunday February 7th for a Webinar presentation of “Climate Change and You” by Dallas Hetherington from C-Change conversations, with questions and answers following the program.

Better yet, bring along a friend you’ve wanted to introduce climate change to, but didn’t know how!

Register for free here at https://tiny.cc/needham-cchange/ . You will receive a link to the Zoom presentation two days before the program.

More information: Gay Ellen Dennett, Program Specialist, Needham Free Public Library, at gdennett@minlib.net or 781-455-7559 x223.

The C-Change Conversation on Climate Science
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