Green Needham is excited to report on our success with our new Mass Save® partner, HomeWorks Energy (HWE), a leading Mass Save contractor that performs no-cost home energy assessments and free and/or subsidized follow-up weatherization work.  Here are our results through June 30th for Needham residents:

Number Estimated Annual Savings
No-cost Home Energy Assessments 151 $45,300
Follow-up Weatherization *  37 $22,200
Total Annual Savings     $67,500

    * Mass Save pays 75% of the total cost of approved insulation/weatherization improvements, up to $2,000 max.                    

All Eversource customers are eligible for an assessment, and can have another one if the prior assessment was done 18+ months ago. Not only does a home energy assessment reduce energy use and carbon output, it lowers your electric bill and makes your home more comfortable.  All residents are already paying for the program through a surcharge on their monthly utility bills.

HWE reviewing a no-cost energy report with customer
HWE reviewing a no-cost energy report with customer

The no-cost assessment, which takes about 2.5 to 3 hours, provides homeowners with:

  1. A personalized report outlining recommended energy efficiency improvements
  2. Installation of immediate  savings measures, at no cost, such as LED light bulbs, programmable thermostats, smart power strips, and water saving devices, as needed
  3. Recommendations for No-Cost Air Sealing and subsidized* insulation, if applicable
  4. Combustion Safety Testing
  5. Information about generous rebates on qualifying, energy-efficient heating and water heating equipment, and the HEAT loan program for heating system replacement, domestic and/or solar hot water heaters, central air conditioning and heat pumps (0% loan financing, up to $25,000 for up to 7 years )
  6. Screening for eligibility for the ENERGY STAR® refrigerator rebate
  7. Infrared Testing, if applicable

So, join your neighbors and save money and energy by calling HomeWorks Energy at 781-305-3319 or going to their website to schedule your no-cost home energy assessment.

And if you want to find out more about Green Needham’s Home Energy Savings Team, and possibly get more involved, check out what we’re working on and/or contact Jim Glickman or Maureen Commane.

Home Energy Savings Team’s Success YTD with Home Works Energy
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