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Think your daily coffee habit at work has no impact?  Think again. It may not seem like a big deal, but single-use coffee cups have a significant, negative impact on the environment.  Americans drink a lot of coffee, and throw away an estimated 60 billion single-use coffee cups every year. *

* Source:  CNN 1/5/18;  “Would you Pay a Tax on Coffee Cups”

And single-use coffee cups are not recyclable – they have a plastic liner between the paper layers to prevent leakage, or they are made of non-recyclable styrofoam.   So what can you do?

  • bring a ceramic coffee cup from home to use in the office
  • use a reusable coffee cup when you get coffee “to go” – either on your way to work or when you’re out and about – many coffee shops offer a discount when you do this.  Most of us already have reusable hot beverage containers – find yours in your kitchen cabinet.

So, GO GREEN Needham – it’s easy and it makes a difference!

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Check out information about our GO GREEN Needham campaign and about ways that you can participate  – get started with your plan to “GO GREEN”!


Green Tips: Bring Your Own Coffee Cup to Work
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