2nd Hand Rose of Needham, a consignment store located at 937 Great Plain Ave. in downtown Needham, (open Mon-Sat 10am-6pm), operates under a sustainable business model:

  • By selling only used clothing on consignment, they practice all 3 “R’s”:
    • They Reduce the demand for newly manufactured clothing, which is very resource intensive
    • Customers who buy their merchandise Reuse existing, but perfectly usable, clothing
    • They Recycle clothing that might otherwise be thrown away

And the store has taken several additional actions to promote sustainability:

  • They encourage shoppers to either bring their own bags, or not take a bag when purchasing just a single item
  • Clothing that does not sell is donated to the Needham Community Council

It’s important that we all try to live more sustainably, which includes practicing the 3″R’s.”  That’s what our GO GREEN Needham Campaign is all about – find out how you can participate.  Or follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/greenneedham/.


2nd Hand Rose of Needham – Practicing the 3R’s

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