Jennifer Darling, owner of Darling Hair Boutique in downtown Needham, first became interested in “green products” about 15 years ago.  She was having some skin issues, and noticed that products with botanicals (and shorter ingredient lists) were less irritating on her hands.  After this observation she researched hair care lines that had mostly natural ingredients, and she found several.  One, Davines, an Italian, family-owned company with a hair and skin care line, was very environmentally conscious.  They source natural ingredients with slow food farms in Italy, and have a manifesto called “Zero Impact” – for all the emissions their manufacturing emits, they plant trees to create a carbon neutral footprint.  Now, Darling Hair Boutique uses mostly “green” products.  Usually these products are different from conventional drugstore, or even some salon, lines. They are more concentrated, so you don’t use as much or as often, and less product ends up in our sewer systems. The packaging is also designed to be efficient for shipping, thereby saving on trucking and fuel costs.

If you like to think of yourself as being environmentally conscious, then using “green” beauty products is an easy fit.  Not only is it beneficial for our planet, it can also be better for your health. Taking out some of the harsher cleansing agents and preservatives in shampoo will leave your scalp and hair looking and feeling healthier.

It’s important that we all try to live more sustainably in all aspects of our lives.  That’s what our GO GREEN  Needham Campaign is all about.  Find out how you can participate in the GO GREEN Needham Campaign.    Or follow us on Facebook at


Darling Hair Boutique Has “Green” Product Line

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