We are in a climate emergency and are called to action! The message is unmistakable. The latest UN Climate Report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change indicates “a brief and rapidly closing window to ensure a liveable future.”  Cities and towns across Massachusetts, including Needham, have made resolutions declaring a climate emergency. And just 2 weeks ago, on the 11th day of March at 11 a.m., First Parish in Needham and the Needham Congregational Church joined other houses of worship in the state in ringing their church bells as a call to action at this “eleventh hour” in our efforts to address climate change. Watch the video about the Needham event here.

The message is clear, but what exactly can we do? Green Needham has responded by adding two new features to our website.

The first is a Climate Emergency – What Can I Do link on the Green Needham home page. The new section lists, and provides informational links, to a host of actions that individuals can take. Some cost nothing, such as calling on legislators to support climate bills; some encourage taking advantage of rebates and incentives to weatherize homes or adopt non-fossil-fuel technology; some involve trying enjoyable new practices in cooking or gardening. One encourages us to engage with our friends, neighbors, relatives and co-workers in conversations about climate change, especially about what we are doing to address it.  All involve the recognition that we have  the tools we need  for bold climate action.

For those who would like to get more involved, Green Needham has also expanded and updated its Volunteer page, making it easier to see what kind of specific tasks are needed and providing a simple form to fill out. Do you like delving into the details of recycling and reuse? If so, you can help update the Needham Recyclopedia. Do you like interacting with people face to face? You can help inform and sign up residents for no-cost home energy assessments. Would you like a short, one-time task? How about helping with the native plant sale cosponsored by Green Needham and Temple Beth Shalom? Check out the Volunteer page to see more possibilities.

There is a need to step up our efforts, and the time is now! Do you have more ideas? Let us know at info@GreenNeedham.org.

Let Green Needham Help You Respond to the Climate Crisis!
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