What Can We  Do as Individuals?

Of course, dramatic reductions in greenhouse gases will take government policy and legislation, technical advances, and corporate action, but individual actions are still a key component of the solution. We are voters. We are constituents who can influence politicians. We are consumers who vote with our dollars. We are connected to friends and families and can change social norms by our actions. We can lower our own carbon footprints and act as a model for others.

Think climate! Given the fact that we can no longer take a liveable planet for granted, it is imperative to move climate action up on our list of priorities. We must resolve to go beyond “business as usual” and be prepared to make some changes in our lives. The aim is to make sustainability a factor in our decisions about how we live — what we buy, how we travel, how we heat and cool our homes, how we interact with our elected officials.


Increase Your Reach

Find out about which local organizations can keep you informed about climate issues and how you can increase your influence beyond your own household. Read more…



Mass Energy Hull Turbine

Reduce Your Energy Use/Embrace the New!

There are many ways to reduce your energy consumption. Some are cost-free, some involve interesting new technology, and many involve rebates and incentives. Read more for a list of ideas.





Sustainable living brings new experiences and  pleasures, from gardening and cooking ideas  to a fun website that will answer your recycling questions. Read more about enjoyable ways to be an environmental advocate.



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